The World Around Rachael

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What's New
Our 13 year old is in 8th grade!!!  Wow how time flies.  She is doing well in Karate as a blue belt and won Student of the Year in 2012!  Cheerleading has started with her first games soon.  She is growing into a wonderful young woman. 
Steven is a TRIP!!!  he is 4 going on 40.  His attitude does cause us some grey hairs but sometimes it's tough to be stern with him when you're trying not to laugh at his comments. 
God had definately blessed us with two wonderful children.    

Introducing Steven Richard!

Rachael is proud to announce she is now an "older Sister." 
Steven Richard Malizia was born on May 22, 2009.  As you can see from the picture, she is taking her new duties with much enthusiasm.  There are more pictures on our picture site.

Family Pictures

This was the picture from our 2010 Christmas card.
They are growing up fast!
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